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Types of Factions

Ideological Factions

These factions are bound not by geography but by shared beliefs, philosophies, or goals. They might include groups dedicated to the spread of specific religious beliefs, the pursuit of scientific knowledge, or the promotion of peace and diplomacy across the cosmos.

Ideological factions often have relaxed boundaries, allowing members from various planets and species to join based on shared convictions rather than racial or planetary origins.

Racial or Species-Based Factions

Comprised predominantly of specific species, these factions often form around biological, environmental, or cultural needs unique to their members. They focus on protecting the interests of their species across the universe, managing resources, and ensuring political representation.

These factions tend to have more rigid boundaries, defined by the biological and environmental needs that cater specifically to their members. They might control certain territories necessary for their physiological or cultural survival.

Economic Factions

Driven by commerce and trade, these factions are conglomerates of multiple races and systems that control significant trade routes, resources, and economic activities. They wield considerable influence over economic policies and interstellar trade laws.

Economic factions usually have semi-rigid boundaries defined by trade routes and resource locations but are relatively flexible in membership and governance to adapt to the dynamic nature of interstellar commerce.

Military or Security Factions

These factions are organized around defense and military might, often created in response to regional security needs or cosmic threats. They include alliances of multiple systems or races banding together to form defensive coalitions.

Military factions often have clearly defined boundaries, which are crucial for strategic defense and security operations. These boundaries are heavily guarded and monitored.

List of factions

  1. The Veritas Covenant
  2. Stellar Nexus Guild
  3. Harmonic Vitality Consortium
  4. The Icaron Collective
  5. The Gaian Enclave
  6. The Gearwrights Guild
  7. The Scholara Nexus
  8. The Harmonic Resonance Collective
  9. The Provocateurs' Guild
  10. The Quantum Artificers Guild
  11. The Stellar Cartographers Alliance
  12. The Galactic Circus
  13. The Technotheos
  14. Keepers of the Spire
  15. Etheric Preservationists
  16. Technomancers

Independent Solar Systems

  1. Sysperia System
  2. Thalaxion Nexus
  3. Eridu Ring