Independent Solar Systems

From 7019

Independent Solar Systems in the Cosmos of 7019

In the vast expanse of space, not all civilizations choose to align with interstellar federations like the Celestial Alliance. Many solar systems remain independent, operating within their own boundaries and following unique paths of development. These independent systems often possess high levels of technological accomplishment and have various reasons for choosing sovereignty over alliance membership.

List of known / independent solar systems

Characteristics of Independent Solar Systems

Technological Sovereignty

Many of these solar systems have reached advanced stages of technological development independently. They have mastered everything from sustainable energy production and advanced medicine to sophisticated artificial intelligence and space travel technologies. Their advancements allow them to maintain a high quality of life and ensure the security and prosperity of their inhabitants without the need for external support.

Cultural and Ideological Independence

Cultural identity and historical experiences significantly influence these systems' decisions to remain independent. A strong sense of tradition or a past of exploitative interstellar interactions could motivate a system to prioritize self-governance. Ideological differences regarding governance, ethics, and the use of technologies like Ether Magic or genetic engineering may also play a role. These systems often develop unique ethical codes and societal norms that they wish to preserve without external influence.

Economic Autonomy

Independent systems frequently possess the natural resources necessary to sustain their populations and technological infrastructures without trading with expansive interstellar communities. They may have established a closed-loop economy that recycles resources efficiently, utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies, and harnesses energy from local celestial bodies, negating the need for interstellar trade.

Advantages of Independence


These systems enjoy the freedom to make decisions that directly benefit their populations without compromising to fit the broader policies or regulations imposed by alliances. They can quickly adapt to changes and challenges without the bureaucratic hurdles that often accompany alliance membership.

Preservation of Heritage

Independence allows these systems to protect and cultivate their cultural heritage, languages, and traditions without dilution or overshadowing by dominant interstellar cultures. Educational and cultural institutions often focus intensely on local history, philosophy, and arts, enriching residents' lives and maintaining a strong communal bond.

Specialized Innovations

Without the need to standardize technologies or practices to align with alliance standards, independent systems can pursue innovative research and development paths that may be considered unconventional or risky in broader contexts. This freedom can lead to breakthroughs that might not emerge in more regulated environments.

Challenges of Independence

Security Concerns

Independent systems must solely manage their defense against potential threats, from cosmic hazards to hostile entities. This responsibility can be burdensome, particularly for smaller or less militarized systems. They must invest significantly in surveillance, defense technologies, and sometimes in forming defensive pacts with neighboring independent systems.

Isolation Risks

While self-sufficiency is a strength, it can also lead to isolation. If a major crisis occurs, these systems might lack the immediate support that members of an alliance like the Celestial Alliance could expect. Technological and cultural exchange might be limited, potentially slowing innovation and exposing the system to stagnation risks.


Independent solar systems in 7019 represent a diverse and vibrant segment of the cosmic landscape. Their commitment to self-determination, coupled with high technological capabilities, allows them to thrive outside the structures of vast alliances like the Celestial Alliance. While they face unique challenges, their contributions to the tapestry of cosmic civilization through specialized innovations and the preservation of unique cultural identities are invaluable.