Specific ships

From 7019

Ships of the Celestial Alliance

Aurora Ascendant

  • Class: Light Cruiser
  • Trivia: The Aurora Ascendant is known for its speed and agility, often used in reconnaissance missions and quick-strike operations.

Eclipse Shadow

  • Class: Stealth Frigate
  • Trivia: Equipped with advanced cloaking technology, the Eclipse Shadow is virtually undetectable, making it ideal for covert missions.

Stellar Voyager

  • Class: Exploration Vessel
  • Trivia: The Stellar Voyager was the first ship to map the uncharted regions of the Andromeda galaxy, expanding the known boundaries of the Celestial Alliance.

Celestial Gallery

  • Class: Exhibition Vessel
  • Trivia: the largest ship in the celestial alliance

Non-Military Ships of the Celestial Alliance

Void Seeker

  • Class: Deep Space Probe
  • Trivia: The Void Seeker is designed for deep space missions, often venturing beyond the known boundaries of the galaxy.

Nebula Drifter

  • Class: Survey Ship
  • Trivia: The Nebula Drifter is used for mapping and surveying uncharted regions of space, collecting valuable data for future expeditions.

Galactic Scholar

  • Class: Educational Ship
  • Trivia: The Galactic Scholar offers educational programs and lectures, bringing knowledge and learning to remote areas of the galaxy.