From 7019

In the year 7019, humanity and its descendants have spread across the cosmos, inhabiting thousands of worlds in a sprawling, multi-species federation known as the Celestial Alliance. This future society blends advanced technology with an ancient force understood as "Ether Magic," (please see important note about the term magic) a form of energy believed to be the underlying fabric of the universe. Etheric energy and technology are intertwined, allowing for feats considered miraculous by today's standards, such as terraforming planets, manipulating time, and instant communication across vast distances.

Societal Structure

The Celestial Alliance is governed by a council of representatives from various species and planets, each contributing unique perspectives and abilities. Among these species are the Terrans (descendants of Earth), the Silvans (a plant-based sentient species), the Aurorans (beings of pure energy), and many others. The Celestial Alliance is one of many federations, kingdoms, factions, conglomerates, and empires. There are hundreds of thousands of smaller groups, clans, collectives scattered around the cosmos.


Technology has evolved to a point where it's almost indistinguishable from magic. Spaceships navigate the ether currents, faster-than-light travel is common, and AI entities are capable of harnessing magic to perform complex calculations and predictions. Ether Manipulators, individuals with the innate ability to directly manipulate Ether Magic, play crucial roles in society, working alongside engineers and scientists to create and maintain the marvels of this advanced civilization.

Daily Life and Culture

Daily life varies widely among the planets of the Celestial Alliance. On some worlds, citizens live in harmony with nature, their cities seamlessly integrated into the environment thanks to terraforming and environmental magic. On others, urban landscapes stretch across entire planets, with skyscrapers reaching into the stratosphere, and transportation is provided by portals and teleportation networks.

Education is highly valued in many cultures, with a strong emphasis on understanding both the scientific and magical aspects of the universe. The arts have evolved in unimaginable ways, with virtual reality, telepathy-based performances, and ether-infused sculptures that change form and color based on the viewer's mood.

Challenges and Conflicts

Despite its advances, the Celestial Alliance faces challenges. Rogue mages, inter-species tensions, and threats from beyond the known edges of the Alliance space loom large. Pirates navigate the ether currents, preying on trade ships, while ancient, cosmic entities awakened by the widespread use of etheric energy threaten the very fabric of reality. Moreover, highly advanced civilizations who have not yet awakened roam space; civilizations with remarkably different philosophical, economic, and military traditions.