Religion, Spirit, and God

From 7019
A symbol of the interconnection of everything; a basic tenet of divinity in 7019

Religion and The Concept of Divinity in the Year 7019

In the year 7019, the traditional religions of ancient Earth have transformed or dissolved into broader, more universal interpretations of spirituality and divinity. This evolution reflects the vast expansion of human and non-human consciousness through both space and the depths of inner understanding. As civilizations advanced and merged with various alien cultures across the cosmos, the conception of the divine also expanded, accommodating a myriad of philosophical and existential perspectives.

Integrated Evolution

A theory of integrated evolution, which originally sought to harmonize science and spirituality by mapping the stages of consciousness development, has profoundly influenced how people in 7019 perceive divinity. With every major scientific breakthrough, with every new understanding of the cosmos, the old religions became weaker. Once magic was discovered, the idea of a omniscient, all-powerful God faded. But the seemingly genetic need to connect with the divine; to grok the whole, remained.

integrated evolution posits that the divine is not a separate, external entity but an integral aspect of all existence, manifesting through the continuous evolution and complexification of consciousness itself. This integrated view of the divine sees God not as a creator outside the universe but as the universal creative force that drives the evolution of all sentient beings toward greater complexity and interconnectedness.

Ecological Spirituality and the Divine

Among many species, especially those like the Mycelioids and other ecologically integrated beings, divinity is perceived through the lens of their deep connection with ecosystems. These species often do not distinguish between spirituality and their interaction with their environment; the health and vitality of their ecosystems are sacred and reflect their understanding of a divine order. This form of ecological spirituality champions the idea that nurturing and preserving the balance of ecosystems is an act of worship and a profound connection to the divine, which is seen as immanently present in the web of life.

Theology in 7019: Science and the Divine

The saying, "The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass, God is waiting for you," captures the essence of 7019 theology. This idea reflects a journey of rediscovery where advanced scientific understanding initially seems to negate the need for traditional concepts of God. However, as one delves deeper into the mysteries of the universe—be it through quantum mechanics, etheric sciences, or the study of consciousness—it becomes apparent that these mysteries can lead back to profound, spiritual insights about the nature of existence and creation. The connections between everything, and relatedness of everything often invites questions about the creators.

The deeper scientific explorations of the universe reveal intricacies and interconnections that many in 7019 interpret as evidence of a unifying divine force—an omnipresent essence guiding the evolution of the cosmos. This form of spirituality is not reliant on anthropomorphic deities but sees the divine as the inherent creativity and intelligence in the laws of physics and the etheric energies that bind the cosmos.


In 7019, the relationship between spirituality and the divine is characterized by a blend of advanced scientific understanding and deep spiritual insight. The diverse ways in which different species and civilizations conceptualize God reflect the variety of experiences and environmental contexts across the cosmos. Whether through Ken Wilber’s integrated evolution, the ecological spiritualism of interconnected species, or the profound revelations at the "bottom of the glass" of natural sciences, the quest for the divine remains a central, unifying theme of existence, continually evolving as the boundaries of science and spirituality expand.