From 7019
  1. Astrobiologist: Studies alien life forms and ecosystems on other planets.
  2. Quantum Network Engineer: Manages and designs quantum communication networks for instant interstellar communication.
  3. Gravity Technician: Controls and maintains artificial gravity systems in space habitats and ships.
  4. Time Travel Coordinator: Manages and regulates time travel activities, ensuring historical integrity.
  5. Artificial habitat specialist: keeps the systems necessary for life support working
  6. Bartender: tends a bar and helps patrons feel welcome and at-ease.
  7. Virtual Reality Architect: Designs immersive virtual environments for work, education, and entertainment.
  8. Nanomedic: Uses nanotechnology to diagnose and treat diseases at the molecular level.
  9. Cybernetic Enhancement Specialist: Develops and installs advanced cybernetic implants for humans.
  10. Interstellar Trade Broker: Facilitates trade agreements and negotiations between planets and star systems.
  11. Terraforming Engineer: Works on projects to make other planets habitable for humans.
  12. Space Traffic Controller: Manages the flow of spacecraft in and out of busy spaceports and orbits.
  13. Galactic Historian: Researches and documents the history and cultures of different civilizations across the galaxy.
  14. Holographic Entertainment Designer: Creates advanced holographic entertainment experiences.
  15. Energy Harvesting Technician: Specializes in capturing and utilizing energy from stars, black holes, and other cosmic phenomena.
  16. Exoplanet Miner: Extracts valuable resources from asteroids and planets in other star systems.
  17. Bio-Engineer: Designs and creates new life forms and genetic modifications to adapt to different planetary environments
  18. Etheric Communicator: Specialists who manage the interface between Ether Magic and advanced AI, facilitating communication between ships and their crew.
  19. Quantum Navigator: Experts in utilizing quantum and etheric propulsion systems for interstellar travel, optimizing routes based on etheric field strengths.
  20. Consciousness Engineer: Engineers who maintain and enhance the integrated consciousness of advanced AI systems, ensuring optimal functioning and symbiosis with crew members.
  21. Emotional Interface Specialist: Professionals who monitor and manage the interactions between the emotional states of the crew and the ship’s consciousness.
  22. Astrobiologist: Scientists who study alien life forms and their ecosystems, often involved in first contact scenarios.
  23. Stellar Dynamics Engineer: Engineers focused on the study and manipulation of stellar phenomena for energy production and navigational purposes.
  24. Dimensional Physicist: Researchers who explore the properties and interactions of different dimensions.
  25. Xenoanthropologist: Social scientists who study the cultures and societies of alien species.
  26. Nano-Fabrication Technician: Technicians who create and manipulate materials at the molecular and atomic levels for various applications.
  27. Cyberneticist: Specialists in designing and integrating cybernetic enhancements into biological organisms.
  28. Interstellar Diplomat: Professionals who negotiate and manage relations between different planetary systems and species.
  29. Holographic Art Director: Artists who create immersive holographic experiences for entertainment and educational purposes.
  30. Artificial Intelligence Ethicist: Ethicists who develop and enforce guidelines for the ethical use and development of AI technologies.
  31. Terraforming Specialist: Engineers who develop and implement methods for transforming hostile environments into habitable ones.
  32. Quantum Computer Scientist: Researchers and developers who work on advancing the capabilities of quantum computing systems.
  33. Cosmic Archaeologist: Archaeologists who uncover and study artifacts from ancient or extinct civilizations across the galaxy.
  34. Bio-Integration Architect: Designers who integrate biological and technological elements into sustainable living environments.
  35. Planetary Geologist: Scientists who study the geological properties of planets and other celestial bodies.
  36. Xeno-neurologist: Medical professionals who specialize in the nervous systems of alien species.
  37. Dark Matter Engineer: Engineers who work on harnessing and utilizing dark matter for energy and other applications.
  38. Cultural Quantum Entanglement Specialist: Researchers who study the interaction and influence of different cultures through quantum entanglement.
  39. Regenerative Medicine Specialist: Medical experts who use advanced technologies, including quantum and etheric methods, for tissue and organ regeneration.
  40. Intergalactic Trader: Business professionals who facilitate trade across star systems, dealing with goods from various planets and species.
  41. Environmental Symbiosis Manager: Experts who ensure that space operations, including mining and colonization, support ecological balance.
  42. Virtual Reality Psychotherapist: Therapists who use virtual and augmented reality environments to treat psychological issues.
  43. Stellar Gardener: Cultivates and maintains artificial gardens in space habitats and on terraformed planets, focusing on both aesthetic beauty and ecological balance.
  44. Gravitational Architect: Designs and implements artificial gravity systems in space stations and habitats to ensure comfortable living conditions.
  45. Chrono-historian: Studies and documents events that occur across different timelines and dimensions, preserving the history of alternate realities.
  46. Plasma Physicist: Specializes in the study and application of plasma for energy production, propulsion, and other advanced technologies.
  47. Exobiotic Chemist: Analyzes and synthesizes chemical compounds found on alien planets, exploring their potential uses and effects.
  48. Cyborg Integration Specialist: Facilitates the social and psychological integration of individuals with extensive cybernetic enhancements into society.
  49. Teleportation Technician: Operates and maintains teleportation devices, ensuring safe and accurate transport of people and goods across vast distances.
  50. Energy Grid optimizer: Manages the distribution and balance of energy across interstellar power grids, preventing overloads and ensuring efficient energy use
  51. Interstellar Mediator: Resolves disputes and facilitates negotiations between different planetary systems and species, promoting peace and cooperation.
  52. Galactic Ecologist: Studies and manages the complex ecosystems of various planets, ensuring their health and sustainability.
  53. Asteroid Miner: Extracts valuable resources from asteroids, using advanced mining technology and techniques.
  54. Neural Interface Designer: Develops and optimizes interfaces that connect the human brain to computers and other devices, enhancing cognitive and sensory capabilities.
  55. Cosmic Radiation Specialist: Studies and mitigates the effects of cosmic radiation on space travelers and habitats.
  56. Alien Language Interpreter: Translates and facilitates communication between humans and alien species, often using advanced linguistic algorithms and Ether Magic.
  57. Quantum Agriculture Scientist: Develops and implements agricultural techniques that use quantum mechanics to enhance crop yields and resilience.
  58. Timekeeper: Monitors and regulates the flow of time within specific regions, preventing temporal anomalies and ensuring the integrity of the timeline.
  59. Black Hole Researcher: Studies the properties and behaviors of black holes, exploring their potential for energy generation and understanding the fabric of the universe
  60. Interdimensional Explorer: Travels between dimensions, documenting and studying alternate realities and their unique characteristics.
  61. Synthetic Organ Designer: Creates advanced synthetic organs for medical use, improving on natural designs and integrating with cybernetic systems.
  62. Virtual Reality Educator: Uses immersive virtual environments to teach complex subjects, providing students with hands-on, experiential learning.
  63. Bioluminescence Engineer: Develops and applies bioluminescent organisms for lighting, decoration, and signaling in space habitats.
  64. Meteorologist: Studies and predicts weather patterns on different planets, using advanced technology to manage and mitigate extreme weather events.
  65. Interspecies Therapist: Provides psychological support and counseling to individuals from different species, addressing unique cultural and biological needs.
  66. Starship Fabricator: Builds and assembles starships using advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, ensuring they are spaceworthy and efficient.
  67. Temporal Investigator: Investigates temporal anomalies and crimes, working to restore the proper flow of time and prevent disruptions to the timeline.