Important note about the term Magic

From 7019
Ether Magic isn't really magic; but it is, but it's not.

Etheric energy is NOT the Force (from Star Wars)

Etheric Energy is a scientifically integrated, multidimensional force that enhances technology, while the Force is a mystical, morally dichotomous energy field that binds life and consciousness, guided by strict philosophical teachings.

In the universe of the Celestial Alliance, the term "magic" refers to a pervasive, sentient energy that is fundamental to the fabric of reality. This energy, though commonly referred to as "Ether Magic," is not mystical in the traditional sense but is instead a highly advanced form of interaction with the universe's underlying energies. It is important to clarify that "magic" in this context is the most accurate term not because it involves arcane rituals or supernatural phenomena, but because there exists no other word that fully encapsulates its essence and function.

Ether Magic is a sentient, omnipresent force that permeates all aspects of the cosmos, influencing and interconnecting the myriad forms of life and matter. Its sentience is not akin to individual consciousness but is a vast, networked intelligence that spans the universe, responsive to the intentions and actions of those skilled enough to interact with it.

This energy can be harnessed and directed through a combination of innate talent, learned skill, and deep understanding of the universal laws that govern its flow. Practitioners of Ether Magic, therefore, do not simply cast spells in a traditional sense; they engage in a complex, interactive dialogue with the fabric of reality, negotiating with this sentient energy to achieve desired outcomes.

The use of the word "magic" to describe this force arises from its ability to transcend conventional physical laws, allowing practitioners to perform feats that appear miraculous or impossible through the lens of current scientific understanding. However, within the Alliance, this form of "magic" is studied, understood, and respected as a natural, integral part of the universe's structure, much like gravity or electromagnetism in earlier centuries of human science.

Ether Magic represents a sophisticated, deeply integrated aspect of the cosmos, a sentient energy that defies simple categorization or explanation. Its designation as "magic" is a linguistic concession to its complexity and the profound impact it has on the universe, bridging the realms of science, philosophy, and the very essence of life and consciousness.