Heraldry, symbols, and tribe

From 7019

In the expansive and technologically advanced cosmos of 7019, the concept of "tribal" societies can take on new dimensions, especially when considering the diverse range of civilizations that form part of the Celestial Alliance. Even in a future dominated by sophisticated technologies and widespread etheric knowledge, tribal structures and their associated heraldry and symbols can still play a significant role in the social fabric of various species and cultures. Here's a detailed exploration of how these elements manifest:

Tribal Societies in 7019

Definition and Evolution
  • In 7019, tribal societies are not necessarily primitive but are communities that maintain a strong sense of identity through shared ancestry, culture, or beliefs. These societies might be highly integrated with technology and magic, reflecting a blend of ancient traditions and modern advancements.
  • Some tribal communities might exist on less technologically developed planets, preserving ancient ways of life amidst the cosmos' technological sprawl. Others might be part of highly advanced planets, where they choose to maintain a tribal structure as a cultural choice, not out of necessity.
Function and Role
  • Tribes in 7019 often function as fundamental societal units that preserve historical knowledge, cultural practices, and unique approaches to Ether Magic or technology.
  • They can provide social stability and a sense of community in the vast and sometimes impersonal expanse of space-faring civilizations.

Heraldry and Symbols

Importance and Use
  • Heraldry and symbols serve as a crucial means of identity and communication for tribes in 7019, transcending language and species barriers. These symbols can denote everything from family lineage to social status and professional specialization.
  • In an age where many interactions might occur in digital or ether-enhanced realms, these symbols provide a tangible connection to heritage and personal history.
Design and Integration:
  • Heraldic symbols in 7019 are often complex and incorporate both traditional motifs and futuristic elements. For instance, a tribe with a deep connection to a space-faring heritage might have a crest that includes astrological elements alongside mythical beasts or ancestral sigils.
  • These symbols can be integrated into everything from spacecraft hull designs to personal attire, and even digital avatars used in virtual interactions.
Technological Enhancements:

With the advancement of technology, heraldic symbols are not merely decorative. They can be embedded with data chips that carry historical records, genealogical information, or contracts and pacts. This integration makes them functional tools as well as cultural statements.

Tribal Rites and Ceremonies

Preservation of Practices
  • Despite the high-tech environment, many tribal societies in 7019 continue to celebrate and perform ancient rites and ceremonies. These might be enhanced by Ether Magic, creating visually stunning and spiritually profound experiences.
  • Ceremonies may serve various purposes, from initiation rites and leadership successions to marriage and alliance pacts between tribes.
Inter-Cultural Exchange:
  • In the cosmopolitan milieu of the Celestial Alliance, tribal ceremonies and symbols often facilitate inter-cultural exchange and mutual respect among different species and communities.
  • Celebrations, competitions, and councils involving multiple tribes and cultures are common, serving as important diplomatic and social events.


In 7019, the term "tribal" encompasses a rich tapestry of meanings and manifestations, from conservatively traditional to dynamically futuristic. Tribes, with their heraldry and symbols, continue to be vibrant and vital elements of cultural identity, serving as anchors for communal values and historical continuity in a rapidly evolving universe.