Forgotten History

From 7019

In a universe as vast and complex as that of the Celestial Alliance in the year 7019, the ebb and flow of knowledge and technology is inevitable. Over millennia, countless technologies, histories, cultures, and even entire civilizations may become lost or forgotten. This phenomenon can occur due to a variety of factors, each contributing to the gradual or sudden disappearance of knowledge. Here are some key reasons why such losses might happen, and what might be forgotten:

Technological Obsolescence

As newer technologies emerge, older ones often become obsolete and are abandoned. Over time, the knowledge of how to create, maintain, and use these older technologies can fade, leading to their eventual disappearance. For example, certain forms of early space travel technology might be completely forgotten, replaced by advanced ether-driven propulsion systems that render the old methods irrelevant and untaught.

Cultural Shifts

Cultural evolution can lead to the forgetting of historical events, practices, or traditional knowledge. As societies change, what they consider important can shift, leading to the neglect of certain aspects of their history. Entire languages, myths, rituals, and artisan skills tied to specific cultural identities might be lost if they are not actively preserved or if the culture itself assimilates into a larger, dominant one.

Galactic Cataclysms

Cosmic events such as supernovae, black hole mergers, or interstellar collisions can obliterate planets and even entire star systems. Such catastrophic events can erase not just biological life but also the repositories of knowledge and history that those civilizations held. Recovering this knowledge, if possible, often relies on archaeological efforts that may or may not succeed.

Isolation and Decay

Some technologies or pieces of knowledge are lost simply because they were isolated or not widely shared across the cosmos. If a technology or practice is confined to a single planet or system and that system becomes isolated due to political, technological, or natural reasons, the knowledge may decay and eventually disappear.

Intentional Suppression or Destruction

In some cases, knowledge is intentionally suppressed or destroyed. This can be due to ideological reasons, fear of the technology’s power, or during conflicts where one culture aims to eradicate another’s heritage. An example could include advanced genetic modification techniques that were banned and erased from public knowledge due to ethical concerns.

Digital and Etheric Erosion

In a highly digitalized and ether-infused society, data storage technologies can suffer from what might be termed digital or etheric erosion. Over time, data integrity can degrade, or the means to access that data can become lost amidst rapidly advancing technologies, leading to the unintentional loss of historical, scientific, and cultural information.

What Might Be Forgotten?

  • Ancient Technologies: Such as early artificial intelligence systems that were precursors to the advanced sentient AIs of the future.
  • Historical Records: Events or civilizations that did not digitize their records or whose digital records were lost in data erosions.
  • Minor Species Histories: Stories and histories of less dominant species that were overshadowed or assimilated into larger cultures.
  • Old Magic Practices: Earlier forms of Ether Magic or other mystical practices that were abandoned or superseded by more effective techniques.

The loss of such technologies, histories, and practices not only represents a gap in the knowledge base of the Celestial Alliance but also provides a fertile ground for historians, archaeologists, and explorers who are dedicated to rediscovering what was lost and integrating it back into the collective consciousness of the universe.