Ancient / Lost civilizations

From 7019

In addition to literally millions of civilizations which have come and gone, here is a sample of some of the the lost ones. Very little known about them

  • The Zenthorian Empire, only fragments of their vast crystal communication network scattered across deserted planets remain.
  • Oreon Civilization, only submerged ruins beneath the acidic seas of their home world, hinting at advanced aquatic technology remain.
  • The Myridian Builders, all that is left are colossal statues on uninhabited moons, believed to be navigational aids for celestial alignments.
  • Aetheris Collective - faint etheric echoes in the vacuum of space, once used for instantaneous thought transfer are the only remnants.
  • Garnathans of Vorex, All that is left is petrified forest cities, their once-living structures now silent monuments to bio-engineering.
  • Silix Supremacy. All that is left is vast, indecipherable data slates made from ultra-hard silicate compounds.
  • The Draconis League. All that is left is ruins of their star fortresses, orbiting dead stars as silent sentinels of forgotten wars.
  • The Luminar Ascendency prisms that still project spectral light shows, the remnants of their art and communication.
  • Echoes of Entari. All that is left is sound sculptures on deserted planets that resonate with the winds, their music lost to time.
  • The Chronos Civilization time-distorted areas where reality seems to fold into itself, remnants of their time manipulation experiments is all the remains of this civlization.