The Cobalt Soul Archive in Zadash

From 7019
The Colbalt Soul Archive


The Cobalt Soul Archive towers over the surrounding buildings in the scholarly district of Zadash, its grand facade dominated by ornate cobalt blue stonework and silver embellishments that catch the sun, creating a radiant glow. Tall, gothic windows adorned with intricate tracery offer glimpses of the boundless wisdom stored within. The entrance is framed by twin statues of androgynous figures, each holding a quill in one hand and a sword in the other—representing the dual pursuits of knowledge and protection.


As you step inside, the first thing you notice is the serene atmosphere, underscored by the subtle scent of old books and aged parchment. The interior is expansive, with vaulted ceilings, creating an atmosphere that is both grand and solemn. The walls are lined with massive shelves, teeming with scrolls, books, manuscripts, and arcane tomes. Intricately designed stained glass windows diffuse sunlight into a spectrum of colors, illuminating the faces of researchers, scholars, and the odd adventurer skimming through materials.

Main Hall:

The heart of the archive is its Main Hall—a colossal, circular room with an ornate dome. Here, a giant globe of the world is suspended magically in the center, rotating slowly as scholars and arcanists study it for cartographic details or hidden leylines. Ringing the hall are a variety of desks and study areas, each occupied by a mixture of serious scholars and adventurers like yourself, each engrossed in their own quests for knowledge.

Specialized Sections:

The archive is divided into several wings dedicated to different subjects—history, arcana, religion, and so on. There's even a restricted section, cordoned off by an ethereal barrier, where only those with special permission can access the most dangerous or confidential information.


The archive is staffed by monks and researchers of the Cobalt Soul—easily identifiable by their cobalt-blue robes. They navigate the labyrinthine corridors with a sense of purpose, always available to aid those in search of knowledge.